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How serious are you?

Hey guys,

If you’ve been on my list a long time, you know I split the world into two camps, talkers and doers.

Talkers talk and talk and talk about how serious they are about getting results, but when it comes time to put the money on the table or act, they’re full of excuses, and this sometimes leads to dangerous outcomes.

I want to share with you some correspondence I received from a man who may be an inadvertent talker in a tough situation, but a talker nonetheless:


I would love to use this to save my marriage, however, I just don’t have the 397 right now! Things have been very tough financially for the past 2 years and have caused us a lot of problems! I wish I had the money because I love my family!


JA So, I guess now we know the price of love and how much this man’s marriage is worth to him: less than $397.00. Do you think he’s really serious about saving his marriage? Nope, else he would do anything to save it, which he clearly won’t.

Do you think perhaps his attitude towards money has caused the financial stress in his life because he has not educated himself about it and how to get it? Last time I checked, “wishing” never produced anything, especially money. Only action does.

I’ve been in business a long time, and the first thing I learned when I was dead butt, worse than broke, up to my ears in credit card debt, was the skill of getting money I didn’t have to get the information I know I needed. Above all else, I valued information and taking action on that information, knowing that any money I spent was an investment, and would come back 1,000 fold, which it did.

While this man means well, “well-meanings” are irrelevant. What’s the cost of divorce going to be? A hell of a lot more than $397. Certainly I cannot guarantee what I teach can save this man’s marriage (it may be too far gone), but it IS a starting point for the man who is truly serious about succeeding with women for life.

No man lets mere money stop him when it comes to crafting the relationship with women he really wants. Attraction is a skill, money-getting is a skill, and there’s a price to be paid to learn both…a high one, but worth it. Sadly, few are willing to pay, and will suffer the consequences, always far higher than the original price.

On with the fun….

-John Alanis
“The King of Let ‘em Come to You”

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