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Let other guys do the work for you

Hey guys,

Ever listened to women sit around and bitch about men? It’s a fascinating exercise because, usually…they are right!

Most guys ARE stupid when it comes to women, and have no interest in getting smart. But that can be a huge benefit to you.

If you’re a cool guy to women, they’ll like you and be attracted to you. And if you’ve paid attention to my daily episodes, you’ll know that’s really not that difficult to do. But for some men, it must seem like taking a rocket to the moon.

The cool guy is NOT the norm with women. In fact the whiney, bitchy, flakey, needy, narcissistic, obsessive guy is more the norm than the cool guy.

So, if you go out with a woman or a group of woman and you’re not the “typical guy,” suddenly they view you in another light. They confide in you. They tell you stories about other men. And you get to see how dumb most men really are.

When you’re “not” the other guys, you become “different,” and women will start to become attracted to you. You’re not the whiney baby, not the nice guy, not the blatant jerk, you’re something out of the ordinary.

And when you’re known to women as “out of the ordinary,” suddenly different rules apply. They call you and ask you to come over. They text you to see what you’re doing. They tell you about their latest adventure with a new idiot. And they are always happy to come hang out with you and do things they’d never do with a typical guy.

Study what other men do, and subtly sell against it. Sell against it by first not doing it, but secondly by telling stories about other men who do, categorizing them as idiots. You will quickly have women agreeing with you, thus elevating you over other men.

Josef Stalin, of all people, actually had a name for such men: “useful idiots.” And while you’re certainly not using them in the same context Stalin did, you get the picture. Other men ARE useful idiots because they do things that make you look good without even trying.
Women admire a man who is calm, cool, collected, and patient. You don’t have to tell them you have all these traits because you sit back, let other, lesser men do the work, then step in for the rewards.

On with the fun….

-John Alanis
“The King of Let ‘em Come to You”

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