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The hole you give through

Hey guys,

There is an old, important saying, “the hole you give through is the hole you receive through.” And while I am certainly no metaphysical, new age guy, when you make it a point to give, the universe really does reward you many times over.

Now, I am not talking about false giving with the intent to get, nor am I talking about the feel good nonsense of “let’s give it all away to those less fortunate.”

Neither of these are true giving because the intent is to get something in return, either something material, or a feeling of superiority over others because you gave and they couldn’t (lots of that going around).

No, what I am talking about is simply giving someone or some organization you deem worthy something you think will either improve their life, or make them happy. It’s not done to show off, it’s done simply to give.

For example, I have friends I send bottles of whiskey I think they’d enjoy, good cigars, and at times introductions to others with no compensation expected I know will improve their lives.

I make it a point to tip generously, unless the service was exceptionally lousy. I pick up the entire tab at dinner on occasion, instead of splitting up the bill. And I like to give the women in my life things I know will make them happy in the moment.

And what is the result? It seems I receive things out of nowhere, and it seems I attract business because of it. You see, giving is a very attractive trait.

The hole you give through really is the hole you receive through, and if you look at most people who are broke, alone, and unhealthy, they are miserly. They never give without scheming to get something in return, never show any generosity, always demand to know what others are going to do for them.

I do not associate with such people, and if someone is not a true giver (meaning they give honestly as described above) I ease them out of my life. They are not attractive, they are repulsive, and I only want people who attract things in my life.
You can give regardless of your income level. Giving is not necessarily financial—you can give your time, your advice (if asked for), and your good humor, and that counts. People start to see you as a truly giving person, and you start to attract things in your life.

So, make your “giving hole” big. You will discover that, somehow, your receiving hole has gotten even bigger as a result. I can’t explain how or why the universe works this way, I can only report that it does. Give honestly, and ye shall receive.

On with the fun….

-John Alanis
“The King of Let ‘em Come to You”

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