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Mike S. was on the verge of leaving his wife, finding a new woman and starting over—things just weren’t working UNTIL he put "the system" to work. Now, “the woman I was attracted to years ago has returned!” says Mike

David E., a 47 year old balding, overweight government worker from Virginia used "the system" to compel two beautiful young women he thought were “unapproachable” to literally fight over him.  The fight ended when he allowed BOTH to move in with him!

Nick C.’s 6’2” 220 lb “tough” soldier friend was too afraid to approach this stunning woman. So Nick put "the system" to work, and she approached himall 5’5” of him! “The rest of the night went very well,” said Nick.

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Dear Friend,

     If you are frustrated with your current relationships with women, and you truly want to spend your time with real, desirable women who all approached you first, then this may be the most important message you will ever read.  Here’s why:

     My name is John Alanis, and up until recently, I was a complete loser when it came to meeting women (even ugly ones).  Whenever I saw a beautiful woman (or even a “semi-attractive” one) I got so scared and flustered I literally made myself sick at the thought of approaching her.  And then I walked away, wondering “what could have been” if I’d only had the “guts” to go talk to her.  Maybe you’ve had a similar experience.

     Here’s what was even more frustrating:  on those few occasions when I was “lucky enough” to get a “date” I never got a second one…. instead she always told me what a “nice guy” I was, but that she “just wasn’t attracted to me,”  and that "we should just be friends."  And then she’d go moon over some “jerk” who cared nothing about her, and would dump her for her best friend at a moment’s notice.

Getting rejected by women always sucks

     Has that ever happened to you?  It sucks, doesn’t it?  But it gets worse, much worse… because, what would happen next is, one of these jerks would dump the woman I secretly lusted after, and she’d come crying to me with her problems, telling me what a great “friend” I was for “listening”… and then she’d move onto the next “jerk,” crushing my feelings like a grape.  Maybe you’ve had that happen to you too.

     The one time I did have a “steady girlfriend,” I discovered she was just using me for money, even though I really didn’t have much of that. She never had a problem taking what little I did have, though.

     After awhile I got so frustrated, I quit talking to women altogether.  I felt like such a loser.  It was just easier to surf the internet, and look at pictures of women I wished I could meet, than it was to actually try to talk to a woman in person. After all, the women I looked at online never rejected me or stomped on my genuine feelings.

     I was beginning to think I’d be “celibate for life,” when an unusual thing happened, a single event that literally changed my life with women forever, and put me on the true path to “male liberation” that literally allows me to attract any woman I want, on demand!  And, I’m convinced any man can duplicate my success for themselves, no matter your looks, age or income.

     Skeptical?  I don’t blame you… if you had told me a few months ago I’d be able to compel desirable, beautiful women to boldly walk up and talk to me, I’d have called you a big, fat liar, right to your face.

 How I “Accidentally” Raised Myself From Failure  

to Instant Success with Beautiful Women

     The one thing I’ve always been interested in is “how the mind works.”  I’ve always been fascinated by psychology and human behavior, and the one big thing I’ve always had going for me is brainpower and the obsessive will to learn new things. 

     I routinely blow wads of cash on books, tapes, CD’s, courses, and high priced events.  I’m what you might call a “seminar junkie”—if there’s an event that deals with psychology or human behavior in any way, shape or form, I’m there. 

     Anyways, I was at a seminar awhile back, listening to a short, fat, dumpy guy speak on the subject of advertising. What this guy had to say about what makes people “tick” was truly amazing… but what was even more amazing was the reaction of all the women in the audience to him after he was done speaking!   

They all rushed to him, vying for his attention.  And these weren’t ugly women…. they were intelligent, desirable, beautiful businesswomen… who all went “gaga” like little girls over this short, fat, dumpy guy!  I watched him take the numbers of 3 drop-dead gorgeous women before he finally left.           

     I had to know this guy’s secret…. how could someone as ugly as this guy literally have women throw themselves at him?

The Amazing “Natural Attraction” Secret
of A Desperate Nerd From Texas!

     Luckily, I was able to corner him before he left the room, and I somehow talked him into having dinner with me. As we sat down to eat, I asked him, point blank: “Look, you’re not exactly the best looking guy in the world… in fact you look sort of like a basset houndYet, you have hot women throwing themselves at you… what’s your secret?  What do you do? And, will it work for me?” 

     He laughed when I said that.  Then he told me something I’ll never forget as long as I live:  “John,” he said, “I’ve been in advertising for a long, long time, and I’ve been involved in amazing research into what makes people buy things.”   

     “The psychological processes that get people to buy things are the exact same things that get women to become attracted to you.  I used to be a complete loser when it came to women, until I applied what I learned in my advertising career to my love life.  And ever since then, the results have been phenomenal, as you just saw.” 

What if Everything You Ever Thought You Knew About Women,
Dating, and Relationships Was Just Plain Wrong?

     “The truth of the matter is, everyone is already ‘naturally attractive’… it’s biologically programmed into us, much like it is with animals in nature.  But, in our modern civilization we’ve gotten away from our natural instincts and are taught the opposite of what works.”   

     “All you have to do is “switch on” the biologically programmed “attraction triggers” all women have deep inside them, and then stand back and let them come to youLooks don’t matter, age doesn’t matter, income doesn’t matter… all those things we’ve always been taught about ‘dating’ and ‘romance’ are just plain wrongStop dating, and start attracting… it really is that simple.”

Most Men Do NOT Attract Women Simply
Because They Were Never Taught How!

     And then he told me step-by-step exactly how he attracted women to him, and how I could do the same.  As he talked, I realized he had truly, “cracked the code” and that attracting women was nothing more than a paint-by-numbers, step-by-step, brain-dead simple process.  It works for every man because you are already born with natural attraction that is genetically designed to “flip on” the biological attraction triggers in women.  It can’t not work. 

     I put his secrets to work the very next day with one of the seminar attendees (an attractive real estate investor named Kat), and I was astounded by the results. We had an amazing time, and I still keep in touch with her to this very day.  His secrets not only worked, they worked better than he said they did! 

Life is great when sexy women automatically approach you!

     After that day, I never looked back.  Whenever I wanted to meet women, I just tapped into my “natural attraction” and let them come to me.

     The funny thing is, I haven’t changed a bit. I still get scared and flustered whenever I think about approaching a woman (that’s why I let them approach me instead). And  I’m still the same 5’7” slightly balding, sloppy dresser who drives a 1992 dark red Buick  Regal (that has been “totaled” once).

     Yet, I still date as many beautiful, desirable women as I want. And, all these women approached me first, and they all tell me how attractive I am!  Not only that, when I'm finally ready to attract that one special woman, I'll be able to choose the one I want, NOT the one I just "settle for," like most guys do.

     The same thing can happen for you, too.  In fact you have to be careful not to use your “natural attraction” too much or you might meet too many women too fast and believe me, that can quickly become a problem.

     Look, once you understand this “natural attraction” formula, women will literally be chasing you down.  Your life will change FOREVER when you discover these secrets I want to share with you.

     Do you have a special woman you’d like to attract?  If so, you can use these same “natural attraction” secrets to attract her, or almost any other women you desire. 

Who Needs These Secrets?


Are you sick and tired of someone else always “getting the girl”, whether it’s at work, school or in a social gathering, like a party or bar?  Would you like to know how you can guarantee she will choose YOU over every other man, every time?

Would you like to automatically attract desirable women… even your dream lover… without even talking to her?

    Would you like to wake up every morning, excited about your day, knowing there are hordes of women who can’t wait to see you because just “being in your presence” will “make their day?”

   Would you like to have women give you things (valuable things like cars, money, and jewelry) for no apparent reason at all?

 Are you known as “dull and boring” and would like to lose that stupid label with women and be known as “funny and attractive,” even “hot?”

   Are you in a relationship where your “needs” are not being met, and would like to get them “taken care of” discreetly without harming your current relationship?

Would you like to live out every single “male fantasy” you’ve ever had, with a desirable, “joyfully willing” woman who can’t wait to please YOU?

Are you a man, just out of a relationship who has no clue about how to "get back in the dating game," and is worried about competition from younger men?  
Are you finally ready to settle down and meet that special, perfect woman for a lifetime relationship, but have no clue where to meet her, what to say, or how to go about attracting her in the first place?
And, finally, are you a man who is just sick and tired of being lonely, or emotionally abused” by women?

     If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should get your hands on these “natural attraction” secrets at once, and you should remember this:  when you apply this “natural attraction” formula, and “flip on” the biological triggers all women have deep inside them… 

…you must be careful not to attract too many
hot women too fast!

     Now, before I tell you what these secrets are, it’s important you know what they are NOT.  Look, there are a lot of goofballs out these selling books on how to “seduce” or “pick up women,” and like anything else, some of these are better than others.  But one thing I’ve found is this:  most “authors” try to make attracting women difficult when the reality, is you can easily attract hordes of women by simply unlocking your “natural attraction!”

Here’s What You DO NOT Have to Do:


You do NOT have to… learn, complex, memorized “language patterns” that take forever to “get down.” These rarely work for most guys, and only serve to embarrass you in front of the woman you want to attract.


You do NOT have to… have lots of money, a fancy car, or a big house (in fact these “natural attraction” secrets work even better if you’re dead butt broke!)


You do NOT have to… take advice from women on how to meet women—this is a HUGE trap many guys fall into.  Women will tell you what they THINK women want in a man, NOT what they really respond to.


You do NOT have to… be tall, handsome, famous, rich or even fashionable (heck, I’m 5’7” , an admittedly bad dresser, somewhat overweight, drive a beat up 1992 red Buick Regal, and my hair is rapidly falling out!)


You do NOT have to… “hypnotize” women, be “sneaky” or manipulative, or learn weird, far-out new age “energy secrets,” or dopey "pick up" techniques that don't work in the real world

     So what are these secrets, secrets that literally compel women to seek you out, and chase you down, begging you for “just one date?”  Here are some of the remarkable secrets I want to share with you: 

How to tap into your natural attraction to “magnetically draw” the most desirable women to you (they’ll come up and talk to you first, already “pre-disposed” to liking you)
see page 10

   The seven deadly turn-offs that will guarantee you instant failure with any woman (if you’re currently failing with women, it’s because you’re unconsciously broadcasting one… and probably more… of these attraction-killing turn-off’s)
see page 7

   The amazing “romance novel hero” secret that will have her thinking about you (and ONLY you) even when you’re not around (not one in a thousand men knows this simple secret, yet it’s incredibly powerful—never be cheated on again)
see page 14

    Just looking for a “casual encounter?”  Here’s how to tell (within 15 minutes) if she’s open to being your “adventure partner” or “special friend” (and many more women ARE than you think) or if she’s only interested in a committed relationship (this secret lets you avoid giving a woman “false expectations” so you won’t “hurt” her like all those jerks out there do)
see page 48

    How to use a subtle “test” to discover if she’s even qualified to spend time with you (this is the ultimate “turning of the tables”—most women test men over and over…. now you get to test her to see if she’s “good enough” to spend time with you… and make sure she’s not a stalker, gold-digger or psycho-path )
see page 46

   How to read little known female signals that let you know she’s attracted to you… and wants to “get with you” right now (and why you must act immediately when you sense these, or risk losing a woman who wants you, now)
see page 31

   The secret to controlling your body language for maximum “attraction effect” (the wrong kind of body language can actually turn women off, and make them dislike you, without knowing why… the right kind can have them flocking to you, like moths to a flame)
see page 53

   How to attract women by saying absolutely nothing at all!
see pages 19-21, 23 and 28!

    Shy?  Here’s how to use your “shyness” to literally force women to chase you (they won’t think you’re “shy” at all, in fact, they’ll think you’re “mysterious” and “challenging” and wonder what it takes to get you to “open up!”)
see pages 20 and 23

     How to “position” yourself so multiple women compete for your attention (you’ll never be competing with a bunch of guys for a woman again….. now they can jealously watch multiple women chase you, and wonder what your secret is)
see page 17

   How to never be nervous or flustered ever again when talking to women (believe me, when they approach you first, it’s remarkably simple to be calm, cool, and collected… after all you get to make the “rejection decision,” not her)
see page 32

   How to never spend more than $1.84 on a “first date” and have her thinking it was the best “date” she ever had (she won’t be able to wait to see you again… IF you decide she’s “your type,” not the other way around)
see page 37

   Secrets of “Speed Dating” success—ever heard about those events where you have ten “Eight minute dates” in one evening?  This is the perfect environment to “flip on” your natural attraction… and I’ll tell you exactly what to do and say… and how to put all the “waldos” (other men who are NOT “in the know”) to work driving women to you
see page 27

   How to create an “automatic referral system” that compels your female friends to compete with each other to see who can bring you the most women
see page 28

 … and much, much more.  Look, no matter if you want to meet a woman for purely “physical reasons,” or you truly, deeply want to meet that “special woman” to spend the rest of your life with these secrets have the power to…

Change Your Love Life Forever and Give You Absolute Power Over All Your Romantic Outcomes…

You’ll Never Feel “Out of Control” Again!

     OK, that’s it.  You have just read a detailed description of these remarkable “natural attraction secrets” and what they can do for you.   What I’ve done is “stuff” all these secrets into an easy use system, (including an instantly downloadable “e-Book”) called Secrets of Natural Attraction:  How to Get Desirable Women To Chase You, that you can literally be reading (and using) within minutes

Are You Ready to Step Up to the “Big Leagues” and Take Total Control Of Your Love Life Once and For All? 

     If so, you should invest in this system before it’s too late. But don’t take my word for it--  here’s what others have to say about the results they’ve gotten with the secrets revealed in this remarkable system: 

Real Results with Real Women: What Other Men Are Saying About
“Secrets of Natural Attraction”

After a bitter divorce he finally attracted the woman he always wanted..

“These secrets really opened my eyes.  After a bitter divorce I moved to Denver to get away from my ex-wife and basically ‘start over.’  I knew no one in Denver and had no way to meet anyone. I was burned out on women, and skeptical about ever meeting one who I could just enjoy spending time with.  But, I gave John’s secrets a try, and to my utter surprise I “hooked up” with a cute Emergency Room Doctor!  She really likes being my “adventure partner” (just like John taught me she would), and our “relationship” is completely stress free. This is how it’s supposed to be! 

-S. Daniel, Real Estate Broker
Denver, CO

His marriage ended, but now he has the tools to attract other women...

Well John,

“I found your stuff at a good time in my life. I am 47 and tomorrow my marriage of almost 20 years will end. My wife asked me to leave on 2/22 so she could find someone to "connect" with. She filed on 3/28 and my father passed away on 4/13 of prostate cancer. Been a hell of a year so far. I've been out of the dating game for 20 years and frankly, my esteem is in the toilet. I purchased your materials and they make a heck of a lot of sense to me. I have already been testing some of your ideas and it's pretty funny the responses I get… there are several women I work with from 25 - 45 that seem very open to my minor advances. Anyway, you've given me some hope...!”

Thanks very much,

-Brad, Network/Desktop Manager
(City withheld by request), Texas

She drove from hours away to see him... and he's a cheap, nerdy engineer


“I'm cheap and cautious when it comes to Internet purchasing. I was interested in your "Women Approach You" system, but wary of buying anything.  I'm constantly told by female friends that I'm going to be a great catch because I'm "such a nice guy" and "so cute." Suffice it to say that your system caught my eye because, despite my apparent value to women I have had little success in attracting the right kind of woman. I received your materials, and I have to admit, I was surprised. You write informative, witty comments on relationships between men and women, all the while being realistic about men's desires and emotions, without being sleazy. You yourself suggest that your techniques are best applied to finding the "right woman" just as I desired -- stressing quality over quantity. 

From your materials, I have gathered lots of great information. I recently began chatting with a woman I met from an online dating service. Using the techniques you reveal, I had this woman choosing to drive back from North Carolina to spend the night with me, even though we had never met!

Thanks, John and looking forward to your additional material!”

-Bryan T., Systems Engineer
(City withheld by request), Maryland

click here to read even more exciting success stories...
(Note:  this opens as a "new window" so you might want to turn off any "pop up" blocking software)


What Women Are Saying About John and
his “Secrets of Natural Attraction”…

“Since I recently dated John, it probably isn’t fair for me to review his system, but what the heck, I was attracted to him the moment we met.  Yes, I did meet him online, and I’m the last woman you’d ever expect to be online.  I don’t mean to brag, but I consider myself a ‘catch’—in great shape, intelligent, caring, alluring, and I make my own money running two businesses.  The problem was, I couldn’t meet any decent guys in person… they were all ‘momma’s boys’ or rude jerks.  So, on a whim, I went online and happened on his online profile.  Since we met, we’ve spent every day together… the guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to attraction. He got me into bed, which is not an easy thing to do!” 

-Carrie J., Business Owner
Austin, TX 

“John is, hands down, the most amazing man I’ve ever met. Awhile back, we spent an incredible three days together in Reno, NV, an experience I will never forget until the day I die.  It was like we lived a lifetime in three days—and we’d never even met in person before.  In fact, I saw a newspaper article about him, and got in touch with him via the website in the article.  I always told him he should write a book about attraction, and he finally did.  If you’re a man who wants to have a great woman in his life, then you need to get John’s system.  And I say that as a woman and a professional psychologist.” 

-Christine R., MA, Professional Psychologist
Seattle, WA.

Why they call him "the King"...


I first saw John, aka "The King," at an information marketing conference. In front of me was an intelligent, successful and handsome man sharing his story of business success. He informed the group on his new venture pertaining to getting women to approach men. I sat there thinking to myself, "this guy is intriguing and I want to prove him wrong and see if I can get him to approach me first." Well, my plan failed! We exchanged glances and flirtatious body language, but he did not fall for my devious plan. He acted too busy with other attendees, which drew me too him. Needless to say, his methods worked! I approached him first and things didn't stop there. He was such a smooth talker--he always had an answer for everything I said, which made me even more attracted to him. The rest of the details, of which there are many more, will have to remain a secret. It was a pleasurable conference, to say the least!


-Ginger,  Business Owner

Tulsa, Oklahoma


“I’ve known John since 1986 (we went to High School together) and I can assure you he was fat, unattractive, and had no clue about women in High School.  When I saw him again after many years, I absolutely could not believe this was the same guy.  It was like that “geek” to “chic” thing they do on the talk shows.  We did what he always wanted to in High School, much to my amazement.  If you’d asked me in 1986 if I’d even consider touching the guy, I’d have laughed in your face.  But when he showed me the system he’d put together it all made sense.  I highly recommend it to all guys.  Oh, and you should know this:  I’m NOT just another ‘easily duped’ pretty face. I’m a highly educated woman with two Master’s Degrees, I speak three languages fluently, and I work in a sensitive US Government office (can’t tell you which one).”

 -Jennifer M., “Government Employee”
Washington, D.C.

“I know John from Toastmasters, and I can attest to the fact that he can attract women to him.  The truth is, there are lots of ways to get women to approach a guy, but sadly, most guys are without a clue.  John's not a bad looking guy, but he's short, a bad dresser, drives an ugly car, and is losing his hair.  But, like he says in the system, none of that matter.

Now, I don't agree with everything he has to say, but I do have to admit his methods work.  I did invite him over for a glass of wine after seeing him at Toastmasters.  So, if you'd like women to invite you out, John's system tells you how to do just that.”

-Valerie M., Insurance Professional

Austin, TX

     Look, I don’t mean to brag, but the above results are pretty impressive.  The good news is, you too can easily have women saying the exact things about you. The bad news is, this system (and all the “girl getting” secrets) may not be available soon. 

     After all, I like the results I’m getting and I’m not sure if I want every guy in the world knowing my secrets.  So… I’m going to test letting a few guys try these secrets out, and see what happens.  Then I’ll make the decision to yank this system off the market, or let a few more guys in on it.  Before I tell you how to order though, there are a few more things you should know:

     In addition, to all the “natural attraction” secrets revealed in this system, when you invest in this system before the expiration date below, you also get these three remarkable free bonuses:


Free Bonus #1: Secrets to Reading Female “Attraction Signals”: How to Know for Sure She’s Attracted to You.   Have you ever been frustrated by trying to “read” a woman, to find out if she’s interested or if she “likes you?” The truth of the matter is this: women do give off subtle “attraction signals,” (which to them are blatantly obvious) and if you know what to look for, you’ll know exactly when she’s giving you the “green light.” This neat little report reveals (in great detail) exactly what to look for, as well as the remarkable strategy of creating these signals for her. Hey, recognizing “attraction signals” is great, but what if you could create them, at will? Well, you can, and in this Free Report I’ll show you exactly how to do this. You’ll never be frustrated by wondering “does she like me?” again! (Value: $29.97--Yours FREE!)

 But Wait, There's More!












FREE BONUS #2 How to Get Newspapers and Magazines to Write Articles About You That Compel Desirable Women to Contact You:  Oh boy, this is a secret no one teaches, but it’s my favorite one.  I’ve used “Free Publicity” to meet women all over the country, and it is incredibly powerful.  Imagine, what will she think when she sees a newspaper article about you?  She’ll think you’re famous AND that she better meet you BEFORE all the other attractive women reading the paper do.  I know because I’ve done it.  (click here to see actual newspaper articles about me, John Alanis)

  Note:  this opens as a "new window" so you might want to turn off any "pop up" blocking software) over and over.  In fact, here’s what one woman I met via “Free Publicity” had to say about me: 

“OK, I have to admit this was an extremely unusual way for me to meet a guy. But, I read an article about John putting himself up for Auction on E-bay for a date, and I figured what the heck… if he’s got the guts to do something like that, he must have something going for him.  So, I contacted him using the information in the article, and we really hit it off.  We met in Reno and had an incredible time.  Even though I’m married now (not to John, he’s NOT the “marrying type”—not yet, anyways), we still keep in touch to this day… in fact I even introduced one of my friends to him and she wound up going to see him as well.  Seeing that newspaper article—and contacting John—literally changed my life.” 

-Christine R., Professional Psychologist
Seattle, WA

Click here to see the actual article Christine is referring to! 

            Most people think getting “publicity” is difficult or expensive, but actually the opposite is true.  Newspapers and magazines are constantly looking for interesting stories and people to write about, and they’ll gladly write an article about you (for FREE)… if you know the right way to approach them.  I’ll show you step by step exactly how to get newspapers and magazines to call you, begging to do a story on you.  And when they run your story WATCH out… (Value:  $49.97 -->Yours FREE!) 


FREE BONUS #3 The Attraction Simulator System

Once you incorporate these new behaviors and automatic attraction systems you might start getting more female attention than you’ve had in decades.  But that can leave you feeling a little shaky at first until you get your head fully “back in the game”.

So I’ve put together the completely rejection-free, “practice system that will get you up to speed interacting with real beautiful women in no time.

It’s like going in the dojo to get more experience than all the other men around you—combined... so you master the skills of attracting women in record time...with no risk, no embarrassment, no fear, and most importantly no rejection.  This is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, yet it is brain dead simple to use, and lots of fun too.

The “Simulator System” took me a long time to figure out, but if I had it when I got started, it would have literally shaved YEARS off my learning curve... And it’s yours included when you invest in Secrets of Natural Attraction
(Value:  $49.97 -->Yours FREE!) 

4 FREE BONUS #4 Blow Her Mind:  How to Be the Most Amazing Lover She's Ever Experienced

There’s one sure-fire way to make sure the amazing woman you want to keep around always comes back for more, and that’s to give her the best sex of her life.

Most men never figure out:

  How the pleasure centers of her mind and anatomy really work...

  How to give her mind-blowing orgasms every time on command...

  How to take control in the bedroom...

  The trick to stamina and lasting longer in bed than her...

  How to fulfill her deepest sexual fantasies unlike any other man ever has...

Being her best lover ever is essential if you want to have long-term command over your future with women.

In the “Blow Her Mind” module it’s already figured out for you don’t have to waste years of time and effort and risk humiliating yourself in the bedroom.

Hint: women share everything about your “performance” (yes, everything) with their girl friends...and when it comes to “sexy talk” it only goes one of two ways

...they’re either laughing about you or they’re imagining what it would be like to sleep with one of the 2% of men who actually “know what they’re doing in the sack”.

With the Blow Her Mind system, you’re guaranteed to be one of the 2%with women BRAGGING about you behind your back
(Value:  $69 -->Yours FREE!) 

But Wait, There's Even More...  Why Not Get It ALL and Go For the Gold Package!


Here's What You Get When You "Go Gold!"

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The “Lazy Man’s Way” to Success With Women:  How to Quickly and Easily Write Compelling Online Ads That Flood Your Inbox with Messages From Desirable Women Who Can’t Wait to Meet YOU!  Ever tried on online dating service like Ever met anyone desirable?  Most guys have rotten luck with these things, but I’m here to tell you they are pure, un-mined gold.

In fact, I met my current girlfriend on one (Matchmaker) and you would never, ever believe this woman would be online looking for guys (she’s drop dead gorgeous, owns her own company, is incredibly alluring and intelligent, every thing any man would dream of!). Listen, there are hordes of beautiful women online who would love to meet a great guy,  BUT… you have to know exactly what to do, and exactly what to say, or they’ll just think you’re another “online loser.”  This special report shows you exactly what to say (and not say) in an online ad or when answering an attractive woman’s ad.  

For the past few years, I have tested and tweaked different ads, and finally found the “no fail” formula that floods my in box with emails of women who are dying to meet me ( click here to read just a few of the actual emails from women who have answered my online profile Note:  this opens as a "new window" so you might want to turn off any "pop up" blocking software)… and in this amazing report I “spill the beans” and show you step by step how you can get emails just like these.

He made one simple tweak in his online profile using these secrets... and now averages 5 replies a week, where he had none before!

Hi John,


Never thought I'd be writing. But I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your e-book a couple of weeks ago. I won't go into all the dreary details why, I'm sure you've heard them all before. I've had a personal ad on an online service for the last 10 months and during the time I have received precisely 1 reply!


I changed my profile according to the details you suggested in your bonus material and since then I'm averaging 5 contacts each week! And I didn't follow everything you said to do... I'm certain that when I do, my replies will go up dramatically again. (Now I need to apply your materials in person to women I meet in the area. Though filled with trepidation, I expect to meet with at least the same level of success)



GOLD FREE BONUS #1 Secrets of Supreme Confidence:  How to Be Ten Foot Tall and Bullet Proof in ANY Area of Your Life There's just no denying it-- women love a man who's "confident."  But what does "confident" mean-- and how can you get women to think you're confident?  There's been a lot of horse manure and BS written about confidence, but the truth is, it's actually very easy to build IF you truly understand what it means-- any guy can do it, and it has nothing to do with your looks, age or income.  See, women can just "sense" a guy who's confident, and once you put the step by step process to work for you as outlined in this remarkable report you'll have them flocking to you too, telling you what a "sexy guy" you are.  The "side effect" of all this is, you actually get improved results in all areas of your life-- confidence breeds success, not just with women, but everywhere.  This report usually goes for $19.97, but it's yours FREE when you "go gold." (Value:  $19.97--> Yours FREE!)

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He Invested in Secrets of Natural Attraction... and hours later had a sexy woman begging him to take her home!

Hi John,

I wanted to write and tell you what happened the day I bought your e book. I spent a couple hours reviewing your ideas and they all made perfect sense to me. I have never had a problem having girls in my life, but I have felt like being a "nice guy" was holding me back. I decided to go out for a couple beers and put some of what I learned to work. I wound up having my choice of girls and even had 1 beg me to take her home. It was amazing.


Henry H.

His friend used these secrets... and the HOT waitress asked him for his hotel room #, right then and there!



 I have to tell you a story. My friends and I were in Palm Springs at a very well known bar. I started talking about the naughty boy and your concepts. 3 friends looked over wondering what on earth I was talking about and then my other friend who is somewhat sarcastic with dry humor CHIMED IN immediately and took over the conversation. I had no idea he knew about the naughty boy! But John, the best part about it is that I told him to show the rest of the guys what he was talking about, so he did....with the waitress.


She was outgoing, very attractive, a lot of fun, worked on Harleys and had those sexy reading glasses that intelligent men fall over for. Anyways, so he did the exact same things you mentioned, he defined authority, made HER qualify, was sarcastic in a very attractive way by NOT acting so "puppy-doggish", tested her a bit and most importantly, CAPITALIZED on the things she said, so he could use that to see if she was qualified for his time. She was hooked, asked him for his hotel room number and the rest was history.




Steve  L.

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No BS No Hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee

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How much is it worth to you to be able to effortlessly attract sexy women, literally on demand?


If you were to hire a professional “attraction consultant” (like big time CEO’s hire) to coach you, it’d cost you several hundred dollars at least… in fact I know of one “attraction consultant” who charges $850.00 per hour just to teach people the exact same secrets revealed in this system. And, people line up to pay this outrageous rate!


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Personalized One on One Fast Start Private Evaluation Call


    Every man has different reasons for wanting to attract women.  Some men just

John Alanis with Lance Mason from Art of Attraction

 want to know how to start a conversation.  Others want to quickly find that special woman for a long term relationship.  Others just want to date lots of fun women.  Some feel overwhelmed, and just don’t know where to start.  No matter your reason, every man’s situation is different, and requires a different initial approach.


   At the request of my customers, I have added a rather remarkable free bonus to my Ultimate System— a one on one, personal, “fast start” evaluation call with my friend Lance Mason from Art of Attraction, and his team of certified instructors.  Lance has successfully taught the skill of attraction to men from all walks of life, with many going onto quickly achieve a lifetime of power, success, and choice with the women they desire.  Lance has my highest recommendation, and it was only through much convincing I was able to get him to do a very limited number of these individualized calls.


   On this FREE bonus, one on one call, you and Art of Attraction instructor, will go over, in great detail, your own unique personal challenges with women, and come up with an individualized plan for you to get started fast so you can accomplish your own personal goals.


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-John Alanis
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Here are even more amazing success stories, real men attracting real women!



He's Dating a Woman 22 years younger than he is!


Hi John


I sent you an e-mail about six weeks ago relating to my first date after purchasing your ebook.


I am still seeing the same girl (22 years my junior) and we have now reached the stage whereby because I followed your advice of chopping and changing between "naughty schoolboy" and "mr sincere" she now calls me by two different names, John my christian name when I'm being sincere and James my middle name when i'm in naughty schoolboy mode !


More evidence that your advice is spot on when creating attraction


Thanks again


John or James !!!

Click here to invest in Secrets of Natural Attraction now!

She thinks he's "special"... and she only met him three hours ago!


Hi John,


This is David from near London, England. Thanks for all your advice but I just want to say that your “naughty boy” idea works AMAZINGLY well. I met a girl in a bar only last Saturday night and we arranged to meet up last night.


To be honest I would NEVER have guessed that making SO much fun of this girl would turn her on SO much. I'm still astonished now. I naturally have a cheeky edge but purposely curb my making fun of girls when I go on dates because I'm worried I'll end up offending her. THIS IS DEFINITELY THE WRONG  THING TO DO!!!! I made so much fun of her that she hit me at least 10 TIMES throughout the evening. THAT is how cheeky I was!! I frequently said 'you're so cute when you're angry' or 'you're so cute when you smile' as well - These phrases WORK because they freak her out BIG TIME. It's as simple as that. To say she was putty in my hands just does not tell the whole story.


She ended up inviting me back to hers and we did everything except full sex. She exclaimed that I was 'special' after only 3 hours of meeting up with her when we were back at hers. If I hadn't had work this morning she wanted me to stay the night with her!!


All of your followers HAVE to believe everything you say because I for one can say that your tips and techniques WORK AMAZINGLY WELL.


Thank you mate (buddy)



London, England

Click here to invest in Secrets of Natural Attraction now!

He's 75, ugly and broke-- she's 35, beautiful and totally attracted to him


Hi John,


OK I took your word for it. Tried out your naughty little scheme on of all people - one of the most beautiful cashiers I have seen in many a year.  I already knew one of the cashiers and always joked around with her but this cute little darling had a tag on her blouse that read "Ask Me About Anything - and insurance was in small letters under the tag".


So I looked her square in the eye and smiled, said "And when does this happen???". Of course - right away she snapped back "When does what happen?" Then I motioned to the tag on her blouse and smiled again and I hate to say it she blushed like a new born babe. I said right away before she had a chance to collect herself, "I know you are busy and have to work for a few more hours but why don't we go for an ice-cream soda after work???" Without a bit of hesitation she said "where shall I meet you - in the parking lot???"  "No why don't I escort you to my horse and carriage from the lobby here".


Needless to say when I seen her coming to meet me I was wrong when I said she was beautiful - she was radiant!!! I really never knew ice cream soda would ever taste so good. Now, we have a trip to Bullhead AZ planned, on my pontoon boat in two weeks. Beginning to believe the buying of that boat was

a good investment.  


Bob W. 


PS I am over 75 and she must be every bit of 35 or less - what a beauty. Yea I am approaching ugly and working on broke!!!





They've been dating for three months...



    It has been a really confusing life for me, until I decided to listen to someone’s advice (your advice).  I quickly wrote it down in my mind, and the next day, I tried some of your methods.  The girl I met was although not pretty, she still had a great personality, which is what I was looking for.  The first time she called me, we had not seen each other yet, so it was literally a blind date. 


We have been dating for 3 months now, and have had our share of fun.  The only reason she decided to give me a chance, was because I didn't act like a complete moron the first time I met her, but I was myself, and that’s wha tshe fell in love with, the "true" me.  Thanks for that little tip it was a big help.


            As you would say "On with the fun..."



Click here to invest in Secrets of Natural Attraction now!


He now has to turn hot women away because he now attracts too many, after years of attracting none



I just want to start off by saying that I've been using your system for about the past 8 months or so. And I've had more women in those 8 months than the past 15 years combined. I mean I am having to literally turn women down left n right, because I can't keep up.


However I digress, what's killing me is, after talking to alot of women all they want is a real man. By that I don't mean some dude who is head to toe with tattoos, rides a Harley drinks like a fish and fights like Bruce Lee.


It's just like you said, make them feel good keep them laughing, smiling and feeling good about themselves and they're hooked. I didn't realize until you opened my eyes that I was acting the other waldos, sharing my feelings trying to make em like me and wondering if I was good enough. I was a total loser that was behaving like a waldo.


Society has softened us men king, I mean just listen to the radio and watch T.V. We have all these jerkies singing these pussified love songs, thinking that's what women want. I was watching some older movies and saw how those men acted. They loved women and treated them good, but to steal a line from 40 yr old virgin, didn't put the “cat” on a pedestal.


Well to make a long story short, since reading your material and putting it to good use. I've stopped acting like a waldo, quit putting the “cat” on a pedestal and started acting like the man women truly desire. Lemme tell you King, its worked wonders and I'M the one being put on a pedestal.


Your products have changed my life, If only I had this knowledge when I was 18..


Your loyal Apprentice,



Click here to invest in Secrets of Natural Attraction now!


Results in only one week...




Bought your system last week, and I was a bit skeptical. I'm not now! I recognized myself when reading your "sales pitch" about how men screw up when dealing with women and thought I could do for a confidence booster. Since I'll be soon giving sales presentations for my company, I thought "What the heck, if this builds my confidence around people, and more specifically, women, then it's worth the money". John, it's been a week and IT'S ALREADY WORKING!! Let me tell you a short story:


This morning I went to a coffee shop with one of my buddies. I was there for coffee, not meeting women. While in line, I made eye contact with a pretty girl who was studying. She smiled. I smiled your "naughty boy" smile back and she smiled more. Then I got my coffee. Unfortunately there were no chairs. I was about to go outside when she CAME OVER TO ME and said "Hey, there's a couple extra chairs, you can sit at my table if you don't mind my studying". So I did. I proceeded to ignore her completely and talked with my buddy.


Suddenly, she broke in with "Say, I couldn't help but overhear" and started to ignore her studies (and my buddy) in favor of talking to me. Seems she loved that topic too. So what did I do? I told her "Sounds like you feel very passionately about that. Why is that?". MAN!!! PURE MAGIC! After that I just let her talk. Everything you mentioned in your system happened almost exactly as you said it would. The great part was at NO TIME did I approach her for anything. She invited me to her table. She invited herself into my conversation. And it was clear that she was attracted. I didn't get another meeting with her because I didn't want one. She was fun to talk with, but I found myself thinking "Wow, if it's this easy, I can be picky". We parted ways with an "intimate handshake" and one of those "looks". What a great way to start the day.









His marriage is stronger than ever before..



I’ve wanted to email you for some time now to give you my thanks and let others know your system truly does work.  I am married and purchased your system to keep my relationship with my wife going strong…and it has done that as advertised.  We remain loving, naughty and playful as ever.  My thanks to you for that! 


I haven’t used your methods on another woman but I know with 100% certainty that they would work there as well.  How do I know?  When I first read your material, I looked back at my past relationships with women, seeing what I did wrong with the ones that went nowhere and what I did right with others that were great at the time.  I didn’t have to look far to know you were right on the money…I just compared two women I wanted a relationship with before meeting my wife and the proverbial light bulb in my head went off..


With one woman I wanted, I tried using the approach of being her friend to get her to want me.  I ended up showering her with praise, buying her stuff, being at her beckoned call to help her fix things around her house, and confessing my feelings for her desperately thinking this was the way to her heart.  You know what it got me?  Nothing but heartache.  She repeatedly spurned me to go sleep with waldos, eventually coming to me for a shoulder to cry on when she realized they were jerks.  We ended up parting ways in an ugly, nasty way and I wasted a lot of my life for nothing.


Then there was another woman I met after the disaster above.  She was a bit older than me, very attractive, successful…someone who I thought was way “out of my league” and would never be interested in me.  Boy was I wrong.  One day an email she sent me had a little suggestive tone to it.  I would normally have discounted it, but I decided to take the ball and run with it.  I started being funny, cocky, naughty and authoritative with her, but always respectful and never a jerk.  Next thing you know we were incredibly hot, steamy adventure partners.  She was amazing and the time we had together was incredible.  Although our adventure partnership ended, we remain good friends to this day and she still tells me I will always be someone special to her even though we are both in committed relationships with someone else.


What a difference my attitude and approach made!   I really didn’t realize why the first one failed miserably and why the second one was so amazing until reading your material.  Then it became so painfully obvious.  Thank you for showing me the light and the error in my past ways.  I will never make those mistakes again!  Keep up the great work!




Click here to invest in Secrets of Natural Attraction now!


He used "The System"... and got a higher paying job!

Dear John-


Quick note this time.  As a result of applying your teachings, I have landed a much more lucrative litigation job here in South Florida.  I do owe you a complete story on that.  I am also a fellow veteran (USMC 1995-2003) and recognized the subject line immediately.  The phrase "Who Dares Wins" is also the motto of the British Special Air Service (SAS).  They are one unseen force who will act extremely bold to root out the radicals who so cowardly set off the transit bombs in London last week.


To all the not-yet-doers...get your hands on the King's products. ACT!  You will develop "BOLD" quickly afterward.  Best regards and thanks again for the awesome products.



A. J.  Esq.  (FL)


Click here to invest in Secrets of Natural Attraction now!


He attracted two beautiful women at once

Hi John,


I thought I'd share a small success story with YOU and your devoted fans (MYSELF included!). From your informative emails, Cool Guy Club newsletters, seminar transcripts etc., there was one area that really captivated my attention, what you called "Charismatic Male Energy", by way of proper energy management. This along with my own "Personal Authority", created an interesting occurrence yet a very successful one.


On with the story.....


This past weekend, I went to Reno to visit a close friend of mine. Several others (mostly lady friends) and I made the special trip together for my friend's big B-Day party. The party was GREAT! Of course my friend got a lot of attention, but so did I! I turned on my 'male authority' and was constantly receiving attention from our lady friends throughout the night. I had established myself as an authoritative figure and a group leader. But that isn't the interesting part of the story.


A small group of us went out walking the shops and restaurants of the adjoining Hotels & Casino's. It was my decision to do so and everyone followed my lead! As we were walking through (me in the lead, of course, with a lady friend in arm), I noticed 2 VERY attractive women just sitting at the slot machines, as if waiting for someone or something to happen! As I came near them along the walkway (mind you there was a crowd of people walking to & from), the 2 women gazed at me, our eyes were inter-locked, they whispered something to each other and then one of them approached me!! She politely asked me if "I had the time?" As I responded, "Why, of course I do.", glancing down at my watch,..... I noticed her holding a cell phone IN HER HAND!!!! She thanked me for the time and walked back to her friend.


Guys,.... I realized that because I established a male authority within my surroundings, I produced a charismatic energy about me that attracted these 2 BEAUTIFUL WOMEN to ME!!!!! More success to follow! Thanks John!







He got six replies to his online profile in one night... after not getting a single one, ever

King John,


   I am amazed to what you have done to me by me just taking action, I signed on one of those dating web site, before I READ YOUR AMAZING PRODUCT, I has still not gotten a hit on that site, just clowning around I thought that I would sign on to another after reading your material, now I signed on late last night I looked at my e-mail just a few minutes ago and there is 6 hit in less than 24 hrs, your the thank you, my whole outlook on life has changed, I am truly in control now of my life and the principles work on all aspects of life ,

Thank You once again


King John II


Click here to invest in Secrets of Natural Attraction now!


SHE Kissed HIM first... an hour into their date!

Good Morning John,


I had a few minutes to share a success story today.  I just went on a date with a woman off of, and I had a wonderful experience.  I utilized your principals in your system and I got the results!  I put myself into an authoritative position from the get go and by doing that the woman really respected me and even decided to spend the evening and not to mention, the next day with me! 

We had gone out to dinner and realized how many things in common we really had.  After that, we had gone to a bar, and we shot some darts, had some drinks, laughed and had a great time.  Not just a great time, but a FUN time!!!  Within an hour at the bar, she came in and kissed me and after that, the ball was in my court. 

What I also noticed was that beautiful girls were coming up to me later that evening when I would go off to get more drinks and asking me to dance.  The investment I made in your information was probably! the best thing I've ever made and my confidence has sky rocketed!  I will continue to sharpen up my skills and be a doer as you would say.  I am a sales rep and I am looking forward to utilizing your information in my own profession as well to get the business results I wants. 

Thanks King!




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He saved his marriage using the system... and it's now stronger than ever



Yes, and we have been married now for 19 years!  I bought your program to save and enhance our marriage and it is working great!  I almost lost her last year to a man she worked with, until I started using your program!  We are having the time of our lives!








From "nice guy" to bad boy... all in a few short weeks

John, ooops, I should say king, My Name is Alan, from the UK, proud owner of your Secrets of Natural Attraction System, which I have read many times, and still find more value each time !

Ok, John, so how did I get on with your system, which I studied every day for a week as I went about my work as a landscape gardener ?

The first thing that happened to me, was that I really enjoyed reading what you said, you changed frames and maps, but also had a profound effect on my self esteem, which was very low !

That following weekend, I went to a singles evening where you drink, chat and dance, but I had a mission, that I would do these things in the company of women, rather than standing with all the blokes around the bar !

No fantastic chat up lines, just a confident smile and starting conversations, however, applying some of your techniques about frames and cocky and anchors etc. found myself listening to a girl talking about herself and her friends, how they judge each others interaction with men, but the real bombshell, was when she told me what she was reading, a book about Micheal Hutchins dead popsinger and Bob Geldofs ex wife who is also dead..but they had a passionate time this time the girl ( Carol )  was very tactile ,touching me to highlight important statements in her conversation, ( She was in a great frame set, which allowed me to explore her map as you say ! )and also remarked several times that i was BAD BOY!   YES>>>I AM A BAD BOY !!...Thanks john !

( ps, i never prompted that term or used it in conversation, but 2  unrelated girls said it in one night, only because i was cheeky/naughty )

Well this was 3 weeks ago, we have been adventure partners, we have no complicated  agreements..well none at all, i appear to do no wrong in her eyes, even when dragged off  by other women who want to talk to me, its just incredible.

Summary...well i have been the nice guy, with a broken will and no confidence, for years, but, have i learned anything from you?..... YOU BET !

I will still treat women with respect...but not be a wuss !

I could tell you more, but, i want to practice these new skills and update you later, after i have proved that this will keep working, and after i scale up to better and more women, in my new confident search for someone very special.

John, its so great to be called a bad boy...thanks so very much !

Alan N
Sunny UK


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He was 6 feet tall... extremely fit... and damn good looking-- yet he was a failure with women! Then he put the system to work....




I have got to say your system really does work. I only could afford the starter system you sold last month for 39 dollars. I figured I did not need much since I am 22 years old, 6 foot tall, Anglo-Saxon, extremely fit, and dam good looking. I just did not know how to create this initial attraction with females. It was pathetic. I had no confidence and no women.


My dad never taught me how to attract females because he is a nerdy wimp and my mom died when I was 17 before she could teach me anything. Just a little of your knowledge changed my life. I feel like nothing can stop me with getting the ladies. Now the ladies at my church say I am a good listener and a ladies man. Also females all around me are looking at me with this look that says, take me away please!!!! I love it. I finally control my success with females. Just thought I say thanks!!! I promote you to all my friends. Sometimes I don’t want to because I want the secrets to myself but I like helping others.




Ben C.




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